Podcast & Live Audio Streaming
Built-for-audio content delivery network (CDN) uses Triton’s global network of servers to deliver high-quality digital audio streams.

The Industry's Most Reliable
Streaming Audio Technology

Our content delivery technology delivers with power and performance. 
It is responsive, adaptive, built to scale, and 100% owned and operated.

With our dedicated live streams and podcast delivery solutions,
we serve over 100 million connections every day. 
Your audio is consistently delivered at the highest quality, everywhere your listeners are.

Content Delivery Network

Live Audio & Podcast CDN

Players Widgets & SDKs 

Sam Broadcaster Cloud

Podcast & Live Streaming
Our in-house solution is built for audio and is 100% owned and operated, ensuring the most reliable, highest quality listening experience for your audience. Trusted by more than 6,000 stations with infrastructure in more than 25 global locations, you can count on your streaming audio being of the highest quality and always on. Our proprietary content delivery network has the highest quality stream in the industry and is trusted around the globe. Providing the highest quality streams for your audience with uninterrupted service every time.

Podcast & Live Streaming

Unparalleled power,
scalability, and reliability

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Redundancy & Undetectable Failover
Our CDN is built for redundancy so you can rest assured that your audio streams and podcasts are always on. Our High Availability mode ensures an uninterrupted listening experience.
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Optimized for Ad Insertion
Our CDN is natively built to work with the Triton Ad Platform (TAP) and SSP, supporting the simplest to the most complex ad insertion needs.
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Our CDN is compatible with a wide range of radio automation systems, including Sam Broadcaster, RCS Zetta, Maestro, Enco DAD, BSI - Symian, Jazler, Dalet, and more. It’s also compatible with multiple encoders, including Triton Station Manager, Telos, Wheatstone, Barix, and more.

Royalty Reporting
Discover the power of our latest interface, designed to revolutionize your royalty report management. Unlock integrated automation and tailor-made features that put you in control. Choose from a range of aggregation levels, available in Excel, USA Sound Exchange, or Australia PPCA formats, for a seamless and efficient experience like never before.

Player Widgets & SDK
Our player suite offers a variety of options, from our off-the-shelf widgets to our flexible and powerful SDK. Our solutions are built to deliver a high-quality listening experience for your audience, while minimizing the complexity on the player side.

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You’ll get the same level of attention whether you build your player and apps from our documentation, our SDKs, or Widgets. If you want to keep 100% control, our iOS, Android, and Player SDKs are open sourced and available on GitHub.


Our SDKs simplify the development process by streamlining the complexities of integrating audio streaming, audio advertising, and audience measurement technology into your player and apps. Our Timeshift Radio feature offers a great listening experience, allowing users to pause, rewind and fast forward.


Our Player Widgets enable you to build a custom streaming experience for your audience. Select everything from the design of the player to the features included to ensure your station‘s online experience meets your listeners’ needs and supports your digital strategy.

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Sam Broadcaster Cloud
Sam Broadcaster Cloud is a web-based, radio automation tool that enables audio streaming publishers to quickly create and monetize curated, niche online streams. The Enterprise edition enables publishers to expand and monetize beyond a single stream, and includes:

Live Streaming
SAM Broadcaster Live DJ software can seamlessly leverage your streaming configuration to host talk shows or stream live shows and events. When you are done streaming, simply switch back to SAM Broadcaster Cloud to resume your automated content.

Music Library
Organize large music libraries quickly, including creating multiple playlists, importing information from tags, looking up track information, and more. The best part? It supports a wide range of formats, including mp3, aac, m4a, wma, ogg and wav.

Automated Scheduling
Upload your content, set rotation rules, tasks, and playblocks, and you're done. You can relax knowing that your station is always up and running when you're not around to operate it.

Integrated Tools
Leverage our SDKs, generate advertising revenue, measure your audience with Streaming Metrics or manage music rights reporting in our Royalty Reporting toolset.