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Audio publishers rely on Triton Webcast Metrics for credible and validated data to analyze and understand the consumption of their digital audio content by daypart, device, geography, distribution platform, and more.

With the Webcast Metrics Live Analytics feature publishers gain valuable measurement information in real-time, from listenership to monitoring, to better understand the performance of online radio streams.

Live Analytics

The Live Analytics module empowers users to react to in the moment audience fluctuations. Real Time Listening is another feature in this module that enables users to track how their programs are performing live, as it happens.

This information can be used to benchmark against other periods of time to better understand stream health.

Real Time Monitoring

Also available in the Live Analytics module, Real Time Monitoring provides a quick way to monitor large amounts of important content as fast as possible. Users can connect multiple times a day, with different views to check the status of their assets (stations, groups, mounts, and publishers). 

This level of detail provides a programmer or content professional with valuable information to learn more about the stream’s performance.

Total Measurement

Capture every listening session across any player and platform with the Total Measurement census approach. Gain insights into trends, connection analysis, audience details, ACPM metrics, saved queries, and more.

With automated reporting, you can send directly to a recipient's email address at a specific time and cadence.

Streaming Rankers

Our Streaming Global Rankers showcase the top performing digital audio publishers and sales networks as measured by Triton Webcast Metrics. Streaming Rankers are currently available for the United States, Latin America, the Netherlands and EMEA regions.

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