Triton Audio Marketplace
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Triton Audio Marketplace
The Triton Audio Marketplace is the world's first programmatic marketplace that aggregates audiences at scale across all audio segments – broadcast radio, podcasting, streaming and online music. Our open audio exchange makes it easier than ever for marketers and agencies to plan, buy and measure the impact of cross-platform audio advertising.

Programmatic Advertisers
100 Billion+
Audio Impressions Per Month
Increase in Publisher Payout (2023-2024)

Maximize Your Audio Strategy: Triton Digital’s Programmatic Power

The Triton Audio Marketplace offers a complete set of audio advertising technology and data solutions for targeting and measurement. Our best-in-class brand suitability tools ensure all impressions meet IAB standards.


Premium Publishers

We partner with top-tier broadcast radio, podcast, and music services from around the globe, including Audacy, Prisa Radio, iHeartMedia, Bell Media, and more to ensure quality inventory you can trust.


Listener Level Targeting

Reach unique listeners through accurate audience targeting based on format, genre, geography, device, as well as first and third data based targeting.



Reach your target audience with the right message at the right time across all of their go-to devices, including smartphones, desktop computers, radio, smart speakers, and more.



The world's top advertisers leverage our programmatic audio marketplace to support their audio strategies, including L'Oréal, Capital One, Ford, Telefonica, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Amazon, Toyota, and more.

For Publishers
Triton provides the most advanced dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology on the market, enabling audio publishers to effortlessly monetize their content through the dynamic insertion of targeted audio ads, providing a more engaging and personalized listening experience for their audience.

For Advertisers
Advertisers across the globe leverage our wide array of advertising solutions to execute high impact, engaging campaigns. Our robust technology enables advertisers to reach audiences in targeted, meaningful ways, resulting in a higher return on their investment.

30+ DSP Integrations
Triton Digital is proud to have integrated industry leading DSPs to enable buyers to add digital audio and broadcast radio to their programmatic buys.

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