Triton releases second Canada podcast trends report

RedTech Staff
June 04, 2024

Triton Digital has released its second Canadian Podcast Trends Report. The report accompanies its monthly Canada Podcast Ranker and provides insights into the evolving Canadian podcast landscape, including trends in podcast listening, a snapshot of the podcast listener, top genres, downloads, debuts and sales networks.

According to the report, Canada’s most popular podcast genres were true crime, comedy and news, with an average of 5.9 hours of content downloaded per listener per week. 

Other notable findings include:

  • Listeners averaged 8.2 episodes per week.
  • 92.9% of podcasts were downloaded to a mobile device.
  • In terms of average weekly download volume, SiriusXM Podcast Network was the top sales network in the Triton Canada Podcast Ranker, followed by Wondery Network and CBC/Radio-Canada.
  • Top podcasts overall included Dateline NBC (NBCUniversal News Group), SmartLess (Wondery Network), and Crime Junkie (audiochuck).
  • The top Canadian-made English-language podcasts were Front Burner (CBC/Radio-Canada), The World This Hour (CBC/Radio-Canada), and The Current (CBC/Radio-Canada).
  • The top Canadian-made French language podcasts were Le Radiojournal (Radio Canada), Les chroniques de Pierre-Yves McSween (Cogeco Media), and Richard Martineau (QUB).

“We are thrilled to continue to highlight key insights into the listening habits of Canadians,” said Daryl Battaglia, SVP of measurement products and strategy at Triton Digital. “Podcasting has proven to be an engaging and powerful medium for storytelling, conversations, news and entertainment. Listening continues to rise, along with the variety of content and the ways we can enjoy it. This report highlights our commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy data on podcast consumption and listener behavior.”

The report incorporates data from multiple sources, including Triton Digital’s IAB Tech Lab-certified podcast metrics service, which measures server log data from Triton’s Omny Studio platform and various other industry hosting platforms, and the Canadian Podcast Listener 2023 study by Signal Hill Insights, supported by TPX.